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  Saturday, June 27, 2020 by sharon dearing | Uncategorized


In case my pupils have not read their emails, i have put this update together. 

Direct Driving Tuition is resuming lessons from 4th July 2020 as per the guidance from the Government and the DVSA.

Driving Test Centres are resuming practical driving tests from the 22nd July 2020.  They are ensuring that the tests which were cancelled March, April and May will be rebooked in the first instance.  If you have a test booked end of July/August 2020 may be cancelled.  All candidates will be sent an email by the DVSA with a rebooking link.  If I have booked your test, I will receive the rebooking email. 

If you haven’t booked any lessons please get in touch asap. 

If you were near test standard and was looking to book your test, before lockdown, we would like to do a lesson with you asap, to see what stage you are at after the lockdown period.  

Hope this is all good, any questions please contact me 07934 734004

Sharon x